New Tool: Random QR Generator

Things have been quiet the past week, with numerous games launching and only recently returning from my trip in China. I have been playing through everything that I missed, starting with Pokemon Moon and now Final Fantasy XV.

I was playing through Pokemon Moon and upon discovering the in-game QR reader I started searching around for a random QR generator without much luck. The lack of such a tool spurred me to creating a dedicated tool just for the job, and so one morning I put together which was by far anything from fancy.

Random QR

Today I revisited the tool as I lay in bed with an aching back, and decided to put some more work into it. One of the key areas I want to address is increasing time spent on the site, as analytics currently show it to be very weak in this area. Obviously this speaks for itself since the tool is for a specific purpose, and a very small one at that. Now how I could possibly improve in this area is a challenge without rebranding the website as a generic QR tool, which there are plenty of anyway.

So it all comes down to further carving out the niche the tool is built around. I’ve rebuilt the tool with AngularJS and rearranged the page format in preparation for expanding it with new pages. Now the tool has a function to automatically regenerate the QR image and next I intend to add additional pages.

Will this increase time spent on the site? Probably not, but it lays a foundation of what’s to come.

Go check it out here!