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A New Game Project

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything game development related, as most of my time has been spent on web projects. Now that I’m back into game development, I thought I’d begin by challenging myself to recreate an older game of mine in Unity.

The game I have picked to remake is Senra, a game I originally made in about a week and a half several years ago using Game Maker. It features a world you can explore, monsters to fight in a turn based battle system, and a story to follow. Albeit it lacked several key features a RPG would usually have.

Now I’m looking to rewrite the game in Unity, polishing it in almost every way I can. I want it to not only be an improvement over the original, but one I can extend upon and keep adding content to. To ensure that things keep moving and scope creep remains low, I’ve given myself a deadline of the end of next Month (July 2018) to finish it. After which date, I will look at supporting either other platforms, additional polish, or working on extending the game further.

This is my progress after roughly 5 days of work:

Database System

I began by writing a database tool which I will expand on as time goes on. Currently it only works for enemies, but there’s room for adding skills, party members, items, among others.

Battle System

Battle System

The battle system has only been worked on for roughly a day so far. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the style right before I move onto the programming aspects. As I’ve got the enemy database configured already, I’ve been able to pull in the data from there and create some test enemies.

We’ve got a simple parallax background set up with some clouds moving through the sky. I will keep doing all I can to make these battle environments as interesting as possible due to the amount of time the player will spend in them. You can also expect every battle environment to have similar attention to detail.



The Overworld is essentially a hub, providing you access to all the locations in the game. Of course there will be monsters on the way, sorry. 🙁

In all, I’m fairly happy with the progress made given my limited understanding of the Unity engine. I expect I’ll be finished with the core game far before my deadline is due providing I can keep this up.

That’s all for this update, I will aim to follow up with a weekly breakdown from now on until release. Thanks for reading! 🙂

All the assets shown in the game previews I have either created myself, or have purchased licenses for. However, they may also be replaced before the game is finished.

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