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Dev Log #2 – Battle System Continued

There’s no doubt in saying that this week has been a slow one with not as much progress as I’d have hoped. Work just happens to get in the way (such as servers dropping out at peak times!) sometimes and then you need that time to chill out before jumping back into the lion’s den.

Further progress has been made on the Battle System, which now has a complete turn cycle between players/enemies. Manual intervention for the player to select their action, and some UI work for the turn queue and player frames.

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Next I’m working on implementing skills (magic) to make things increasingly more interesting. Unfortunately, UI development is not a strength of mine and can be slightly monotonous resulting in slower work.

Here’s a little peek at the skill selection UI anyway. I’m still not fully decided on how I want it to look, but I can’t spend too long on it with the fear of never moving forward. Regardless, I can always come back to adjust it later.

The skill system is one of the implementations I’m fairly proud of.

By being able to chain actions together, I can easily reuse actions I’ve created earlier to easily customise the way skills are performed. In fact, this pattern is also used for the regular Attack/Defend actions and works as shown below:

ChainAction(new MoveTo(targetPos));
ChainAction(new Wait(0.1f));
ChainAction(new DealDamageTo(target));
ChainAction(new MoveTo(homePosition));

Each action is simply just a bunch of IEnumerators stored in a queue, and executed through proxy from the BattleEntity (player/enemy) dequeuing each action as it finishes. There’s room to extend this further but that’s for another time.

I made a fireball!

So, What Next?

Once I’m finished off with the skill UI in the battle system, I shall move onto doing some clean up and integrating the current systems together. Then followed by adding some new areas to the game.

By the way, did I ever mention I’m not working on this project alone? Here’s a sneak peek of the dialogue system my partner is working on. 🙂

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