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GMS2: Simple Camera / Surface Set Up

After slaving away doing the same old configurations every time I create a new room in Game Maker Studio 2 I had to come up with a way to optimise my workflow. By creating a set up room with a persistent camera controller object, I’ve been able to eliminate the mundane task of messing with views/ports (and now cameras) every time I create a new room.

The startup room is responsible for setting the window width/height, and from that the camera controller will store the window dimensions and set a game width/height which a surface will be initiated with. This is handy for when I’m working with small graphics and wish to scale up to the window size, as the surface is stretched to fill giving an effect like this:

Game Maker

GMS: Chrome Menu Updates

Tonight I spent a few hours working further on my menu UI framework. I managed to tidy up the style slightly, whilst making it aware of its position and boundaries. The menu behaves similar to its...